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The Shed School Silly Poems Book

A silly poems book made by Mr Bates and The Shed School Crew. 2020

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Full Body Listening Poster

Young children don't always understand that the way they use their body can help them listen in class or at home. This poster for the classroom or study spot is a reminder of how we can improve our listening by following a few simple steps. It's not a teacher command, it's a reminder of skills that can help us learn.

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Multi-Sensory Spelling Steps Poster

Spelling can be really tricky if you are unsure of the sounds and letters needed. This technique is a great way to help children really focus on each word and breakdown each part carefully. By repeating this process every time they come to learning a new spelling, the new words will quickly be stored and remembered. 

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Feelings Face Worksheet

Discussing feelings can be difficult, especially at a young age when you might not have the vocabulary to describe how you're feeling. This Feelings Face Worksheet can be used to help a child who is struggling to identify what might be wrong or it could just be used for fun. Why not draw how you are feeling today.

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